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Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) treats conditions such as pigmented lesions, psoriasis, vascular anomalies, telangiactasia, rosacea, spider veins, dermatitis. IPL therapy is done using state of the art NannoLight equipment.

Intense pulsed light treatments are the gold standard today for photo rejuvenations. Specially-filtered light-which targets both blood in visible vessels and melanin pigment in eliminate these unwanted conditions. The light energy is absorbed by the targeted vessel or pigmented lesion, which sloughing of the lesion or vessel. The heat produced in the dermis also stimulates the production of collagen, which softens the appearance of aging skin, reduces the result is younger and healthier looking skin, free of unwanted brown spots, redness, spider vein and fine lines.


Superior by design, the new NannoLight Sub-Zero Multi-PIP intense pulsed light system offers several innovative and advanced technology enhancements. The powerful and expandable NannoLight technology platform is capable of powering multiple indication hand piece sets in addition to providing more power with true energy fluency up to 50 J/cm2.

Medical aesthetic services that previously required six (6) or more different lasers can all be offered with the NannoLight. The standard HP5 hand piece utilizes as many as six (6) different sapphire crystal filters to modify the emitted broadband light spectrum, making NannoLight as flexible as it is efficacious. The standard included sapphire crystal filters enable you to treat permanent hair reduction, photo facial, pigmented lesions and vascular lesions. NannoLight also offers an optional acne clearance (410 nm-1400 nm) sapphire crystal filter in addition to three (3) new interchangeable optional hand piece sets to enable you to treat even more indications in a single platform.

NannoLight also offers the widest variety of choices for system parameters including adjustable pulse duration, pulse train options and integrated epidermal cooling. This unique combination allows for effective treatments without the discomfort associated with many devices.

The NannoLight platform offers a wide variety of advanced features, including: specialized “quick change” sapphire crystal filters, square spectrum energy profile, proprietary gold triple filtration system, variable pulsation technology and patient comfort sub-zero epidermal cooling.

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