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Air Brush Make-Up

Air brush make up (Dinair) is the newest technique that using the liquid foundation to spay entire face to create a natural looking, long lasting and tear resistant coverage that is perfect choice for brides and their bridal parties. Dinair makes it easy and fast to apply on anyone.

Germ-free and sanitary:

  • No brushes or sponges
  • Touch free application
  • Dropper dispensed colors
  • Safer for professionals

We spay it all:

  • Airfoudation
  • Airblush
  • Airshadow
  • Airbrows
  • Airliner
  • Paramedical
  • Face, neck & ears
  • Hand & arms
  • Feet & legs
  • Lips & lip liner
  • Tattoo cover-up
  • Conceal scars

Acne Cover

Other side of Dinair make-up – it is also sprayed to help patients with the plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, skin care to cover scars, bruising and camouflage swelling and inflammation while recovering from the procedure.

When acne redness and scaring is present, this product provides a fully opaque facial coverage where needed, that blends seamlessly into light coverage areas.


Rosacea Cover

The Dinair Airbrush System offers an alternative that makes Rosacea disappear with a few passes of the spray brush without any build up. Difficult conditions are easy to camouflage without any telltale build up. Paramedical covers are for especially difficult coverage. They are extremely rub resistant and water proof.


Acne may also be treated with intense pulsed light therapy.

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