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Soft Radiance Nail & Spa

Deluxe Manicure

It will make your hands soft, smooth, and beauty with mineral scrub to remove the dead skin, and paraffin treatment to help the skin smooth and nice all day.

Deluxe Pedicure

With all day tied working, your feet will soak in the hot tub with sea salt. It makes you have a feeling relaxing; reduce a pain from a high heel shoe, and from stress. We care your feet with mineral scrub to remove the dead skin, and the mask with hot towel to make the feet smooth, relax and blood circulation, and increase energy, and make your feet like a baby feet.

Nails – Bio Gel

The healthier alternative – no inhaling of fumes, odour or dust. Bio Gel is a nail hardening treatment – strong, durable but flexible. Will protect the natural nails while allowing weak, brittle nails to grow. Enhances the natural nail without damaging the nail plate. Natural looking nails without the use of primers, bonders and resins. The cure to slow drying nail polish – dries instantly under a UVA light. It will not chip, lift or wear away.

Full Body Exfoliate

To remove dead skin cells, detoxification, silky smooth skin, renewing the skin surface, and leaving it bright and revitalized.

Full Body Wrap

This treatment will eliminate the toxins, increase the blood circulation, relaxing body and your mind.

Electro Sauna

Localized heat enhances the action of products (muds, algae creams, oils) applied to treat the body by stimulating beneficial absorption of the active ingredients. The modeling and anti-adiposity effect of electro sauna the best aid for the work of estheticians.

Electro sauna’s exclusive cover was designed to ensure maximum comfort before, during and after treatment. It always adheres perfectly to the bed, so that it does not have to be removed when implementing other treatments.

Full Body Massage

1 hour massage make you feel relaxing.

Hot Stone Massage

With warm stone will keep your body release tense, and blood circulation, increase energy and reduce pain and stress and tired of body.

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