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Soft Radiance Nail & Spa

Spa Facial

Spa facial to clean, balance, refresh the skin and enhance overall condition!

The facial procedure includes:

  • Cleansing : We are using cleaning milk to clean entire your face to make it fresh and clean after tire day.
  • Toning: to clean residue and balancing PH level of your skin.
  • Exfoliation: With the granular milk to remove the dead skin on your face, and make it smooth also with steam vapour to open pores to help easier extract the black head.
  • Massage: to make you feel relax, facial muscle, stimulate and blood circulation for your skin.
  • Mask: provide you a fresh looking, younger, stimulate, straighten, and smooth your skin.
  • Moisturize, toner: to keep your skin condition fresh and moisture for all day.

Anti-aging Facial Treatment

This treatment is using glycolic acid to peel of the dead skin deeply in second layer; it will help to reduce wrinkle, fine line, and all problem of the skin. It will make your skin look nice, smooth, and looking younger.

Ultra-sound Facial Treatment

Ultrasound treatment has proven its value for a long time in the field of Medical diagnosis and physiotherapy. For the cosmetician, ultrasound treatment opens up totally new possibilities. The deep reaching micro-massage generated by the ultrasound waves enables you to quickly attain treatment success which your client has only dreamed of up until now.

Ultrasound works on three different levels:

  • Mechanical: Deep reaching micro-massage, improve the metabolism, blood circulation and oxygen supply.
  • Thermal: As a result of the increased temperature, vessels are strengthened, metabolism is activated, and lymph flow improved.
  • Physicochemical effect – diffusion influence: towards alkalization of skin ph-value revitalizes the skin. The diffusion rate, i.e. the exchange of metabolic products is increased.
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